Rest in peace..

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Been so physically tired. I guess my mind is mentally drained too. The weekdays r so packed.

I always pray that I will have some good time to recharge for the weekend too.



Something that gave me some peace this afternoon.

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Something I need to learn, in a deeper manner today 🙂


Death, dying, illnesses n cancer

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Since I started this job, I began to look at life after death more seriously. A module in Bible school helps e theoretical part of it. But there’s more. To begin with, I am born wif emotions. Rather emotional at times.

When I see my patients suffer, my heart aches n whims. Moved with compassion.

I haven learnt to b hardened. But I guess I am placed in that position for such a time like this. To see thru e eyes of Jesus. But e selfish, carnal me fails me at times. Sometimes I get drained n being sucked dry.

I need a new revelation. To imagine how heaven is like.


In memory of Prof Lim

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The passing of Prof Lim is quite a sudden one. Though he only taught us for half a year, it was enough to make such an impact to me. 4 years have passed n he’s still holds such a memory in my mind.

How so? Not only he managed to capture our attention as most of us were drained from being in e morning 8am pharmacology class, he was able to keep us awake till 9pm. He used examples of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and used cartoon in all his PowerPoint slides.

I think e most impact full ones were his sharing of his life experiences. How he went into humanitarian works n including risking his life to slide thru rumbles n burrowed into rescuing others. I never heard or seen such compassionate man all my life. He was an impression n inspiration!

As I took time to reflect on my own life, I realized I try hard to serve others, n often at e expense of my own health n relationship wif loved ones, I wonder what’s e meaning of giving n serving? For gaining God’s approval? N to me in many ways, it is for e glory of God. I want to continue to do so.

N life after death, something we can look forward to. I will look forward to see Prof Lim in heaven again!




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What a honor to finish the 7 months of Bible school! To God be the glory! 

From this day forth, I pray that I will build my own altar and meet with God, everyday of my life. N I will continue to serve Him in various ministries which I have been entrusted to. N to b a salt & light of e world! Amen!



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Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God. Psalm 42:10-11